There is a lot of controversy for women that breastfeed. I have made my opinions on it very clear, I think if a baby is hungry you feed them. Common sense, right? Apparently not. I don’t agree with having to cover your baby while they eat in public, or to run off to feed them elsewhere like your car or the nasty bathroom stall. I told my husband that with Paityn I would feed her wherever and whenever without a cover, and without shame. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I found myself fearing what others would say, or the nasty looks I would receive. I didn’t know what would be said in front of my two other children about their Mom feeding their sister. I was afraid.

The first time that I fed her in public I was at Walmart. I have this really cute car seat cover that doubles as a nursing cover.  I put it on and walked around the store feeding her under the cover. The whole time I was staring at everyone that was staring at me, I knew exactly what they were thinking- okay, maybe not exactly what they were thinking, but I knew the subject of their thoughts. Even with a cover they knew I was breastfeeding. I kept pulling the cover out to re-latch her, because she hated the cover as much as I did. I gave up, put her back in her car seat and we hurried to leave the store. When I got home I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t do what I believed in for fear of judgment like so many other women have received. I sat down with my husband and told him how hard it was and how the looks on strangers faces were burned into my brain.  I felt like a terrible mom for not being able to do what was best for my baby because of my own insecurities.

6 weeks postpartum and I am finally gaining the confidence to feed her how she should be fed. Like a baby! You wouldn’t throw a cover over a bottle fed baby, so why is breastfeeding so different? Because, breasts are sexualized. That’s not what they were made for. They were made to produce nutrients to your baby. And nursing is in no way a sexual act and needs to stop being looked at as such. No nipple is shown, sometimes stomach and maybe some cleavage. No more then what you show in a swimsuit. And for the most part swimsuits seem to be acceptable.

The first time I nursed freely and confidently, it was hot! Way too hot to have a blanket over me or her and she was hungry. We were outside at a baseball game and just holding her made the both of us sweat. I bought these awesome “muscle shirts”-as my husband calls them. They pull to the side comfortably and allow me to nurse without pulling my shirt up or down. I pulled that shirt over and popped her on. That was the first time she nursed in public where I felt she was comfortably nursing like she does at home. This time, I didn’t pay any attention to looks that were given to me. Except for one mom who looked at me and gave me a huge grin. She too had a baby. It was like a mom salute of approval. I realized I wasn’t alone, millions of women breastfeed in public every day. I think its safe to say that with the controversy going around many of those women were afraid of the same judgment that I was. By nursing freely maybe I will help another mom that isn’t comfortable with it, feel comfortable. To know that at least one person won’t be judging her. Us moms need to start sticking together and help breastfeeding to be normalized amongst society. It is a beautiful thing, and I am so grateful that I am able to breastfeed my youngest, as that wasn’t an option with my older two.

I’m not a feminist, I don’t think women should run around flaunting their private business, but I am a mom! As a mom I believe that we should be able to care for our children without worrying about what others might say or think. Whether that be formula fed or breastfed at Walmart. No Mother should ever be ashamed to care for her child in whatever way that child needs.



The Perfect Mom


Have you ever wondered if you’re a good mom, or if you’re just failing miserably? I know I certainly have. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mommy, I wanted my own family and a house full of kids. I got my wish and now have a family of my own, a house full of kids that is covered in toys, I make a different meal for each kid 3 times a day because they can’t like the same things, that would be too easy. I break up fights, I kiss boo-boo’s, I yell, and I cry. Being a mom is great and full of rewards, but it’s also exhausting and I don’t always keep my cool.

I daydream of being the perfect mom, one that plays for hours on end, and still manages to have a spotless house. One that buys only organic foods, cooks big healthy meals 3 times a day, and the kids actually eat it! I’d have all the energy in the world. We’d go to the zoo or aquarium every weekend, head to the park after homework was done, never get frustrated or yell… There may be moms as perfect as this but I am not one of them.


I have a sink full of dishes and a basket and dryer full of clean clothes that need to be folded. I’m staring at the basket as I type this. The “home cooked meal” I will make tonight will come from a Hamburger Helper box. The laundry will pry still be sitting there in the morning, but I plan on doing the dishes! Ha! At some point today I will pry get frustrated, I will pry yell, and I may even cry.


I’m not a perfect mom, not the one I daydream about. But, I know in the eyes of my kids I’m good enough. We may not go to the zoo on the weekends or spend evenings at the park behind our house, but we dance around in our pjs, build forts out of the kitchen chairs, have movie nights that consists of tons of junk food. We constantly laugh together, we have inside jokes and act like complete goofballs. We tell silly stories, and sometimes they even cuddle up with me and listen to me read them a story. We do a lot of arts & crafts, paint, and color together- Pinterest is a mom’s best friend!


Chances are I’m not failing. My kids are all fed, they have clothes and more toys then they could possibly need, they have a PlayStation, tablets, and my oldest has a phone. Other than material things, they have two parents who love them more than anything. Who spend their days doing everything they can to give their kids the life they deserve. No matter how hectic our day is we make sure that we do at least one thing as a family every night. I wish I could ignore all my other duties and play all day long but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I do however stop whatever I am doing to listen to my very animated 3 year old tell me his awesome stories, or my 9 year old telling me about a video game that I know nothing about.

I will continue to work towards that “perfect mom” goal, and fight with my 3 year old about eating vegetables, and my 9 year old about the need to shower every day!!  But as for right now, I’m not failing and chances are, you’re not failing either! ​​

Bundle Of Joy

I’ve been a little busy lately and was unable to give Mom Uncut the attention she deserves. Hopefully now I will be able to pick back up where I left off.

In my defense I was having a baby! That’s right, the princess has arrived!!


Little Miss Paityn Grace, was born on 3/21 at 8:12 pm weighing 6lbs 11oz 19.25” long and she is perfect! Here is how my life has been leading up to her arrival and after.
She was breech until 36 weeks when we did an ultrasound to check and see if a c-section needed to be scheduled I was very happy to hear that she had flipped. 37 week appointment I was 3 cm and she wasn’t engaged. 38 week appointment 3 cm and she still wasn’t engaged. I was in loads of pain, I could hardly move or take care of my other two children. I was overly exhausted from getting a maximum of two hours of sleep a night. I was miserable!! 39 week appointment was at 8:00 am. I went in and asked my doctor to please do a membrane sweep. I had one with my second baby and it worked great, I went into labor with him 24 hours later. My doctor agreed and did the sweep and scheduled an induction for 41 weeks. At this point I was 4 cm, head still not engaged. I got home and my husband was heading out the door for work. At around 9:00 am I went to the bathroom and had my bloody show and was cramping so bad!! I called my husband and told him there was a really good chance I was in labor. I ended up going to the hospital around 11:00 and I was admitted! Yay!! I was so happy.


Chris got there a few hours later when they were getting ready to start the Pitocin drip. My labor was progressing, just very slowly. Shortly after I received my beloved epidural. **I have loads of respect for mothers who choose to have non medicated births. I am not one of them, I have had an epidural for all 3 kids and love them.** The doctor came in and broke my water, I told him to stick around because once my water is broken my babies are born fast. 45 minutes later the nurse came in and I let her know that my left side wasn’t numb, I could feel the contractions on that side, I had full control over my leg etc. she said she thought I was ready and checked me, then went and grabbed my doctor.  It was time to push, and I could feel it! I was terrified but knew that there was nothing we could do at this point or rather the doctor kept telling me there was nothing we could do.. After what felt like hours of pushing my baby girl was on my chest. There is nothing that compares to the first time you hold your baby. My heart was happy and I was in love!

I had every intention of breastfeeding Paityn but was worried I would struggle like I did with my second. My second wasn’t able to latch and I wasn’t able to produce enough milk to support his needs. I was stressed my whole pregnancy thinking that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed, once again, and this was my last chance. I tried to feed her right when she was born and she immediately latched. I was so happy and relieved! Unfortunately, that was the only time I could get her to fully latch. I caved and requested that the nurses bring in formula for her because I knew she was starving. 24 hours at the hospital and we were able to go home and relax in our own house. For a couple days Paityn drank solely formula, I had completely given up and didn’t plan on trying again. I was devastated that I couldn’t do it and didn’t want to get my hopes up. I took a shower one night and was cuddling with her on the couch after. We were doing skin to skin and I believe the warm water from the shower is what started it, while holding her my milk came in and I had a huge let down, she turned her head and latched on, all by herself. I started crying!! My husband said that I was a completely different person at that point and he was right. I had been very emotional and hurt and I thought it was pry just hormones but I know that me not being able to breastfeed played a huge part in bringing me down. I am now 100% nursing with no supplementation and no pumping, as she will no longer take a bottle… or a pacifier, she uses me for that as well. And I couldn’t be happier with it!!


I craved having the bonding experience breastfeeding mothers have and now I finally get to have it. She is a complete mama’s girl, even when my husband is holding her and giving her all the attention she wants if she cant hear my voice or see my face she yells until she does. I say yell, because she doesn’t cry. She is such a good baby, she sleeps 4 hours at a time, wakes up to eat and have her diaper changed and then she is back to sleep. She doesn’t cry when she wakes up or when she is irritated/agitated. She just lets out a big yell and then waits.
Her brothers, Chase and Bentley are smitten by their little sister. They have been loving on her since they first saw her in the hospital. Bentley has never been around another baby before so he wasn’t entirely sure what to think about everything. When he met her at the hospital he stared at her with a big smile on his face but i could tell he was still trying to process it. I told him that he could touch her, so he poked her forehead… He loves helping with her as much as he can and he hates when she fusses, he thinks it means she is hurt. The big thing was seeing me breastfeed her. He was quite concerned about it. He calls nipples “pimples” and he tells his sister to let go of my pimples every time she starts eating. Chase is more use to having a baby in the house since he is the oldest. He has been a huge helper and always asks if there is anything Paityn or I need.


Paityn is now two weeks old and we are starting to get into a better routine, especially with planning feedings-as best as possible, so they fit around Chase’s baseball games/practices, and picking up and dropping him off at school which has been the biggest change for me. As well as trying to make sure I eat enough of what she needs. She is doing great and we are all enjoying every minute of our new addition. Today we had our two week check up,  I was happy to hear that she went from 6lbs 11oz to 7lbs 5oz. the doctor said that the biggest thing that they want to see at the 2 week appointment is that they are back to what they weighed at the hospital and shes surpassed that! To me, her gaining weight is very exciting because it tells me that i’m doing this whole breastfeeding thing right.

I ho​pe you enjoy the pictures of our sweet princess and hopefully I will be able to write more often!

My Truth About Marriage

“A happy marriage is about three things: Memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other.” -​Surabhi Surendra



​I haven’t been married for long, and I’m no expert that’s for sure. But I have been with my husband for a while now and have learned a lot over the years.
Before we got married people told us how hard marriage was, that it wasn’t a fairy-tale or a walk in the park, which it’s not. But we had been dating and living together for a while before making that commitment.You see, we did everything backwards. We found out we were pregnant after only 7 months of dating, we moved in together. Then, my husband adopted my oldest son, then we bought a house of our own, shared a joint bank account, and purchased 2 vehicles together. A few years after that we finally said “I do” and started trying for that 3rd baby. Sold our first home, and made a major move away from all that I ever knew.

We’ve lived as a married couple for almost 5 years fighting to not be another number on the statistics chart. I haven’t seen many marriages work in my life. I’m fact, I’ve seen many fail. For the most part everyone I know is on their second or even third marriage. Seeing this helped me to decide that I don’t believe in divorce. I believe that my husband and I committed to love each other through sickness and health, until death do us part. To me, that doesn’t mean when he’s healthy or when he has a cold I will still love him, that’s a given. To me that means no matter how much I don’t like him one day I will always love him. It means through the good and the bad and the very bad!

You may think 5 years, what does she know?! Well we have gone through more than most married couples ever should in 5 years. But we have grown and learned so much in those years.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in those 5 short years.

Communication is key! You will hear it a million times from every married person you meet. We lacked communication for a brief period in our relationship and it nearly broke us. This one was hard for my husband. We are night and day. I communicate about everything (especially stuff he doesn’t want to hear) I have no secrets, I hold nothing in. I’ve been this way my entire life. (Both a blessing and a curse) My husband however, is quieter. He doesn’t like confrontation, he didn’t care to talk about something if he knew it would cause one or both of us to be upset. Over the years he has realized that talking about something rather than avoiding it helps us much more in the end.

When you lack communication, your problems never magically disappear.- you may not think of them for a while, but they are there. They are buried underneath all the other problems you never talked to your spouse about, and one day you WILL explode!

This is a huge one for me. I am stubborn, and very set in my ways. My husband is stubborn to an extent but he’s much better at this one then I am. When I believe in something, whether it’s a specific form of discipline for our kids, or, dealing with my husband playing video games all the time. It was hard for me to get past how I thought our marriage should be, and truly enjoy it for what it is. When you’re unwilling to compromise with your spouse you lose the connection with them. It will cause fights and disagreements and it will cause tension that everyone can feel. Learn to make decisions together, and try things out to find what works for you both.

We both struggled with this one but for me trust is very hard, I have been let down and walked out on many times in life. I have felt abandoned and betrayed by both family and friends. People that I love. It took a very long time for me to allow my husband in completely, to fully trust him and believe that he wouldn’t abandon me. To let down the huge wall I built to shut everyone out, especially him. Since allowing him to knock that wall down, our marriage has been much stronger. With trust comes safety. I now am able to feel safe with my husband. When I have a bad day I no longer feel alone, even when he has hurt my feelings, the only person I want comforting me is him. Something about being wrapped in his arms takes every worry, stress, and heartache away. Trust is a huge deal in a happy and healthy marriage. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to give advice on achieving this one, since for me it came over time. It was baby steps, brick by brick and some days when I would worry again a brick would go back up. I can tell you to be patient, or for your spouse to be patient because eventually you will let that wall down and when you do it will open a whole new world for you and your relationship.

Fighting/ Disagreements/ Pissed Off
Suck it up buttercup. You’re going to fight, you’re going to disagree, and you’re going to piss each other off. More than once! Before we took charge of communication, compromising, and trust we fought, a lot! I use to wonder if it was always going to be this hard. If we were always going to have to work on not fighting. My stubbornness and need for communication played a huge roll in our fighting. I have to communicate every little thing with my husband and he never listened or from my point of view, didn’t care. We fought about the dumbest of things. From Helping out around the house, to money, to him playing video games. Don’t get me wrong we still argue and he still pisses me off, as do I him. But we have learned that yelling at each other only makes it worse. Going to bed angry with issues not yet solved really is a bad idea. Before, we fought about everything under the sun and it was constant, we were destroying our relationship and destroying each other. One day we both had enough! We talked. Really talked, about everything. Since than we have been able to work together and build our relationship up to something it has never been before. Once you realize that you can’t change who someone is, you can only compromise through communication your marriage will be much smoother. We are both happy and have transformed our relationship in so many ways. What we were before is unrecognizable to what we are now.

Out of everything we fought about, money was the biggest one, living paycheck to paycheck. Trying to make ends meet comfortably, it was hard. We were both stressed and overwhelmed. We fought about it all the time, rather than realizing we weren’t in this alone. This effected both of us in the same ways. We were fighting over something that we couldn’t control. Instead, we should have been there to have the others back when the overwhelming feeling sunk in and we felt hopeless. We should have comforted each other instead of playing the blame game. -which got us nowhere, every time!!!

I don’t have a perfect marriage, nor do I want one. Sure I still don’t like the occasional arguments but everything we have gone through, has helped us to grow both individually and together, to be stronger, to work together, and to need each other. Before, we only wanted each other. We didn’t truly need each other- there is a big difference. I’ve learned that yelling at my husband gets me nowhere, but talking to him like an equal does. He’s learned to listen more and that when I do get in a mood and act like a butthole to simply say “but, I love you.” And it stops me dead in my tracks. How do you continue to be angry at someone when they say they love you? I’ve learned to put my stubbornness aside and to muster up an apology even when it taste bitter and to show that I still love him, even on the days that I don’t necessarily like him.

He has grown to be my best friend (even though he hates that saying because he thinks it makes us sound like loners-which we are! Kids will do that to you…) he has become my other half, and has helped to heal me in ways I never thought someone else could. He has taught me to battle my demons and face them head on and he has helped me to be a better person. He has shown me compassion when I didn’t deserve it and love when i wanted to punch him in the face. He has held me when all I wanted to do was run and if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be the person or mother that I am today.

Marriage is hard! It’s dirty, and it’s not always fun. It’s scary, beautiful, and at times, totally disgusting. But it is worth it! Every fight, every battle wound, they don’t compare to the love that you can grow together. The love that makes your kids say “gross!!!” That’s when you know you’re doing it right!


Finding My Purpose

​I’ve struggled with finding my purpose. What I’m good at and what I have passion and drive for. When I was a hairstylist my passion for what I did and for the industry was indescribable, but that dwindled as my flame burned out and my passion turned into work. I began to hate getting up and going to work, I dreaded the days where I had back to back clients, everything I once loved about my career now irritated me. Some days go by where I miss it, but the passion just isn’t there anymore.

Before wanting to be a hairstylist I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. I pushed that aside because I didn’t believe I was capable or smart enough to do it. With the help and extra shove from my husband I went back to school, I started getting my prerequisites out of the way and I couldn’t have been more excited…. and overwhelmed. Extremely overwhelmed. I worked full time, went to school full time online and on campus, and I was a full time mom and wife. To top it off, I found out I was pregnant right before my first semester started. I was weak and had horrible morning sickness, with constant migraines. I was locking myself in my room to work on school and ignoring my family…I couldn’t do it. I was letting my studies slide and at this point I was doing the assignments for the grades but not actually learning. I was torn between school and family, and I had to make a choice. I withdrew from school. I was depressed and disappointed. I questioned my decision for a long time. Family continued to reassure me that I was still young and I could go back when the kids were a little older. I listened to them and left it behind me.

For years I begged my husband to let me stay home with the kids while he worked because I wanted nothing more than to be a stay at home mom and finally we made a huge and very fast move that would make it where there was no other option but for me to stay home. We don’t believe in sending our children to daycare, we’ve only ever allowed close family to watch them. And being out in the middle of nowhere took us away from that. I got my wish and now I’m home with my babies. You’d think I would be content now, not having to “work”, being with my kids every day, and not missing anything, right? I thought I would be too, but I still find myself trying to find something to do something other than cleaning, cooking, playing with the kids. Something just for me. I’ve mentioned before how much I love sharing stories, and I’ve watched my mom grow a very successful blog. I thought why not? Let’s give it a shot!

I was excited and passionate it brought joy thinking I would be able to relate to others and help them relate to me. But getting what’s in your head to paper isn’t as easy as it seems. I can’t tell you how many articles I have, half-finished saved to my desktop. I get half way through and think “well this sucks!” Or “no one wants to read this” I’ve read countless mom blogs for motivation and tips on how to write a successful piece and still I struggle with getting what I want to say onto paper. I’ve thought about taking a creative writing class to help with my confidence and writers block as well as expanding my vocabulary. Then the doubt sets in again. I question myself and if I made the right decision starting a blog, if anyone will even read it. With hair I didn’t struggle, it came naturally. I didn’t worry about if I was good enough, I grabbed the bull by the horns and took off. So why wasn’t writing like that for me? Why could I tell endless stories to friends and family but I couldn’t share them with the world. Because it’s new. Because I’m afraid of judgement and failure.

Today, I woke up and realized who cares? Who cares if I fail, who cares if people don’t like what I post. I’m doing this for ME! I love being a mom and a wife, I love sharing my joys and not so joyous moments, with anyone willing to listen. I still have the passion for writing and storytelling, but I need to find that drive and confidence. The drive will develop over time as the confidence grows.

The only way to get better at something is to try and try again. I have to fail in order to succeed. My post may not be the greatest, sometimes they might completely suck.  They may be far and few between, with a new baby about to make her debut. But my blog allows me to vent, it’s an online, open diary to the world. And sometimes you just need an outlet from reality and that’s what this is for me. I will continue to write for as long as I have stories to tell and for as long as I need to vent.

Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest and onto paper (yay!!) I better get back to cleaning my disastrous house before the little one decides he needs to “help”.

In Response To Being A Butthole Wife

I’m sure that many of you have read the article by now, written on Her View From Home, by Debbie Wilkins  Baisden. As I’ve seen many friends sharing it on Facebook.  My mom sent me the article and I read the first paragraph.

“Let’s start with the laundry angst. I get it, the guy can’t find the hamper. It’s maddening its insanity. Why, why, must he leave piles of clothes scattered, the same way the toddler does, right? I mean, grow up and help out around here, man. There is no laundry fairy.”

I read that laughing and text my mom right away saying how hilarious it was, that I loved it! One of the most annoying things my husband does is leave his dirty clothes next to his side of the bed in a pile, or on the floor of the bathroom, but never in the hamper. I don’t get it. I would nag everyday as I picked up his dirty clothes. Complaining that the hamper is right there! It’s in sight and not that hard to walk a couple steps to make it in there. It would be wonderful to have one last thing to do every day. After texting my mom about it being funny, I went back to reading the article. Four lines down after the laundry fairy it says “I was a butthole wife. Until my husband died.” Wow! She then goes on to explain how she missed those piles, she remarried and when her new husband left his clothes on the floor she cried. I couldn’t help but take this article to heart. I even read it to my husband, and now he finds joy in calling me a “Butthole Wife” whenever I nag.

Since reading her article I have focused more on trying not to be a butthole wife and more on what matters. She says in her article that her new husband left his clothes on the floor because he chose what was more important to him, spending time with his new family. I have been trying to look at things in that way, my husband throws his clothes down, gets comfy, and spends the whole evening playing with the kids. When he leaves a mess in the living room I try to look at it as those pillows were used to build a fort with the kids, the chip bag on the entertainment center was left there after he stayed up late playing video games with our oldest. These things drive me crazy and probably always will, but I have been trying really hard to approach them with less attitude and more so sucking it and just picking it up.

This also goes for being a butthole mom, I don’t like to think about losing my babies as I know no mother does. Instead I look at it as they won’t be babies for long. The time flashes before your eyes. I look at my babies and think just yesterday they were babies. They couldn’t do anything on their own and now I have an almost nine year old and a 3 year old. I’m a little OCD and have to have a clean house all the time, which as a mom is not realistic. It would drive me crazy to spend all day cleaning and getting the house in tip top shape, then going into whatever room I just left and finding a bigger mess than before. A great example, my baby shower is this weekend and we are having it at our house. I have been cleaning nonstop all week to make sure that everything is perfect. That includes shampooing the couches and carpet. Tonight my 3 year old decided to spill his entire cup of chocolate milk on our tan suede chair that stains with water. I started to get mad and instead of losing it I decided to just walk away and go back to it later. It was much better for my son that I didn’t freak out about it, considering it was an accident and he came and told me about it right away and apologized.  We are their inner voice and I don’t want to spend their whole childhood nagging about the messes they make. Instead I should find the joy in their messes, it means they are having fun. They are making those memories, even at the risk of my sanity.

I am trying every day to better myself for my boys, all 3 of them. I want my kids to look back and remember all the fun memories that we’ve made while making a mess in our home. After all it is just a mess, it can always be picked up. This time with them I will never get back. As far as my husband goes, I refuse to destroy my marriage over dirty clothes on the floor and food left out. I’m sure it will continue to drive me crazy but hopefully over time it won’t make my head spin!

My goal this year is to focus on what really matters, to enjoy the messes, to make the memories, and worry about the clean up later and to not sweat the small stuff. One day there won’t be toys all over the living room, or video games under the couch, one day my laundry loads will shrink and eventually the pile next to the bed will never be seen again. Those days are days I don’t look forward to, and when they come, I will miss the mess. Focus on what matters, be a mother and a wife. Hug your babies, kiss your husband and build giant forts in the living room and eat dinner in them. Make the mess, and deal with it later.

A Wildflower Mom

Being a mom is hard work!! A little back story on me, I am 25 years old, I had my first son (9) at 16. I graduated cosmetology school at 20, and had my second son (3) at 21, then got married at 23 to the mailman, and in March we welcomed our first baby girl into the world.
I stopped doing hair once I became pregnant with our baby girl to stay home with the kids and be a full time mom and house wife- my dream job! We moved away from the city back in October of 2016 to Queen Creek, Arizona, its in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains! -It’s Beautiful!!

I am addicted to coffee-preferably still hot, books- when i’m aloud to read, and watching a show on Netflix, from begining to end, without having to pause it a million times! I am still trying to get the hang of this whole housewife/stay at home mom thing. It’s all I have ever wanted, but now that I have it I struggle with accepting the fact that I don’t need to continue looking for work, this is my full time job now and I couldn’t love it more! Although I love my job as a full time mom and wife, I still wanted to do somethng that I love that eventually could provide for my family-because raising two kids and growing another isn’t enough ha! I love writing and telling stories about my kids and husband and making others laugh, whether it’s at my expense or theirs!

I hope you are able to see relation in what I share about my life and see you’re not the only one locking yourself in the bathroom to have some alone time! I am ready to laugh and cry with you as you follow me on this journey through life, motherhood, wifey business and anything in between! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!