A Wildflower Mom

Being a mom is hard work!! A little back story on me, I am 25 years old, I had my first son (9) at 16. I graduated cosmetology school at 20, and had my second son (3) at 21, then got married at 23 to the mailman, and in March we welcomed our first baby girl into the world.
I stopped doing hair once I became pregnant with our baby girl to stay home with the kids and be a full time mom and house wife- my dream job! We moved away from the city back in October of 2016 to Queen Creek, Arizona, its in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains! -It’s Beautiful!!

I am addicted to coffee-preferably still hot, books- when i’m aloud to read, and watching a show on Netflix, from begining to end, without having to pause it a million times! I am still trying to get the hang of this whole housewife/stay at home mom thing. It’s all I have ever wanted, but now that I have it I struggle with accepting the fact that I don’t need to continue looking for work, this is my full time job now and I couldn’t love it more! Although I love my job as a full time mom and wife, I still wanted to do somethng that I love that eventually could provide for my family-because raising two kids and growing another isn’t enough ha! I love writing and telling stories about my kids and husband and making others laugh, whether it’s at my expense or theirs!

I hope you are able to see relation in what I share about my life and see you’re not the only one locking yourself in the bathroom to have some alone time! I am ready to laugh and cry with you as you follow me on this journey through life, motherhood, wifey business and anything in between! Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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