Bundle Of Joy

I’ve been a little busy lately and was unable to give Mom Uncut the attention she deserves. Hopefully now I will be able to pick back up where I left off.

In my defense I was having a baby! That’s right, the princess has arrived!!


Little Miss Paityn Grace, was born on 3/21 at 8:12 pm weighing 6lbs 11oz 19.25” long and she is perfect! Here is how my life has been leading up to her arrival and after.
She was breech until 36 weeks when we did an ultrasound to check and see if a c-section needed to be scheduled I was very happy to hear that she had flipped. 37 week appointment I was 3 cm and she wasn’t engaged. 38 week appointment 3 cm and she still wasn’t engaged. I was in loads of pain, I could hardly move or take care of my other two children. I was overly exhausted from getting a maximum of two hours of sleep a night. I was miserable!! 39 week appointment was at 8:00 am. I went in and asked my doctor to please do a membrane sweep. I had one with my second baby and it worked great, I went into labor with him 24 hours later. My doctor agreed and did the sweep and scheduled an induction for 41 weeks. At this point I was 4 cm, head still not engaged. I got home and my husband was heading out the door for work. At around 9:00 am I went to the bathroom and had my bloody show and was cramping so bad!! I called my husband and told him there was a really good chance I was in labor. I ended up going to the hospital around 11:00 and I was admitted! Yay!! I was so happy.


Chris got there a few hours later when they were getting ready to start the Pitocin drip. My labor was progressing, just very slowly. Shortly after I received my beloved epidural. **I have loads of respect for mothers who choose to have non medicated births. I am not one of them, I have had an epidural for all 3 kids and love them.** The doctor came in and broke my water, I told him to stick around because once my water is broken my babies are born fast. 45 minutes later the nurse came in and I let her know that my left side wasn’t numb, I could feel the contractions on that side, I had full control over my leg etc. she said she thought I was ready and checked me, then went and grabbed my doctor.  It was time to push, and I could feel it! I was terrified but knew that there was nothing we could do at this point or rather the doctor kept telling me there was nothing we could do.. After what felt like hours of pushing my baby girl was on my chest. There is nothing that compares to the first time you hold your baby. My heart was happy and I was in love!

I had every intention of breastfeeding Paityn but was worried I would struggle like I did with my second. My second wasn’t able to latch and I wasn’t able to produce enough milk to support his needs. I was stressed my whole pregnancy thinking that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed, once again, and this was my last chance. I tried to feed her right when she was born and she immediately latched. I was so happy and relieved! Unfortunately, that was the only time I could get her to fully latch. I caved and requested that the nurses bring in formula for her because I knew she was starving. 24 hours at the hospital and we were able to go home and relax in our own house. For a couple days Paityn drank solely formula, I had completely given up and didn’t plan on trying again. I was devastated that I couldn’t do it and didn’t want to get my hopes up. I took a shower one night and was cuddling with her on the couch after. We were doing skin to skin and I believe the warm water from the shower is what started it, while holding her my milk came in and I had a huge let down, she turned her head and latched on, all by herself. I started crying!! My husband said that I was a completely different person at that point and he was right. I had been very emotional and hurt and I thought it was pry just hormones but I know that me not being able to breastfeed played a huge part in bringing me down. I am now 100% nursing with no supplementation and no pumping, as she will no longer take a bottle… or a pacifier, she uses me for that as well. And I couldn’t be happier with it!!


I craved having the bonding experience breastfeeding mothers have and now I finally get to have it. She is a complete mama’s girl, even when my husband is holding her and giving her all the attention she wants if she cant hear my voice or see my face she yells until she does. I say yell, because she doesn’t cry. She is such a good baby, she sleeps 4 hours at a time, wakes up to eat and have her diaper changed and then she is back to sleep. She doesn’t cry when she wakes up or when she is irritated/agitated. She just lets out a big yell and then waits.
Her brothers, Chase and Bentley are smitten by their little sister. They have been loving on her since they first saw her in the hospital. Bentley has never been around another baby before so he wasn’t entirely sure what to think about everything. When he met her at the hospital he stared at her with a big smile on his face but i could tell he was still trying to process it. I told him that he could touch her, so he poked her forehead… He loves helping with her as much as he can and he hates when she fusses, he thinks it means she is hurt. The big thing was seeing me breastfeed her. He was quite concerned about it. He calls nipples “pimples” and he tells his sister to let go of my pimples every time she starts eating. Chase is more use to having a baby in the house since he is the oldest. He has been a huge helper and always asks if there is anything Paityn or I need.


Paityn is now two weeks old and we are starting to get into a better routine, especially with planning feedings-as best as possible, so they fit around Chase’s baseball games/practices, and picking up and dropping him off at school which has been the biggest change for me. As well as trying to make sure I eat enough of what she needs. She is doing great and we are all enjoying every minute of our new addition. Today we had our two week check up,  I was happy to hear that she went from 6lbs 11oz to 7lbs 5oz. the doctor said that the biggest thing that they want to see at the 2 week appointment is that they are back to what they weighed at the hospital and shes surpassed that! To me, her gaining weight is very exciting because it tells me that i’m doing this whole breastfeeding thing right.

I ho​pe you enjoy the pictures of our sweet princess and hopefully I will be able to write more often!

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