The Perfect Mom


Have you ever wondered if you’re a good mom, or if you’re just failing miserably? I know I certainly have. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mommy, I wanted my own family and a house full of kids. I got my wish and now have a family of my own, a house full of kids that is covered in toys, I make a different meal for each kid 3 times a day because they can’t like the same things, that would be too easy. I break up fights, I kiss boo-boo’s, I yell, and I cry. Being a mom is great and full of rewards, but it’s also exhausting and I don’t always keep my cool.

I daydream of being the perfect mom, one that plays for hours on end, and still manages to have a spotless house. One that buys only organic foods, cooks big healthy meals 3 times a day, and the kids actually eat it! I’d have all the energy in the world. We’d go to the zoo or aquarium every weekend, head to the park after homework was done, never get frustrated or yell… There may be moms as perfect as this but I am not one of them.


I have a sink full of dishes and a basket and dryer full of clean clothes that need to be folded. I’m staring at the basket as I type this. The “home cooked meal” I will make tonight will come from a Hamburger Helper box. The laundry will pry still be sitting there in the morning, but I plan on doing the dishes! Ha! At some point today I will pry get frustrated, I will pry yell, and I may even cry.


I’m not a perfect mom, not the one I daydream about. But, I know in the eyes of my kids I’m good enough. We may not go to the zoo on the weekends or spend evenings at the park behind our house, but we dance around in our pjs, build forts out of the kitchen chairs, have movie nights that consists of tons of junk food. We constantly laugh together, we have inside jokes and act like complete goofballs. We tell silly stories, and sometimes they even cuddle up with me and listen to me read them a story. We do a lot of arts & crafts, paint, and color together- Pinterest is a mom’s best friend!


Chances are I’m not failing. My kids are all fed, they have clothes and more toys then they could possibly need, they have a PlayStation, tablets, and my oldest has a phone. Other than material things, they have two parents who love them more than anything. Who spend their days doing everything they can to give their kids the life they deserve. No matter how hectic our day is we make sure that we do at least one thing as a family every night. I wish I could ignore all my other duties and play all day long but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I do however stop whatever I am doing to listen to my very animated 3 year old tell me his awesome stories, or my 9 year old telling me about a video game that I know nothing about.

I will continue to work towards that “perfect mom” goal, and fight with my 3 year old about eating vegetables, and my 9 year old about the need to shower every day!!  But as for right now, I’m not failing and chances are, you’re not failing either! ​​

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