Co-Sleeping Struggles


I’ve co-slept with all of my babies, I know people that don’t/didn’t  co-sleep think its nuts. My Mom does. I have nothing against those people. Sometimes I envy them! Like now for instance when I’m fighting with my four year old every night to sleep in his own bed. We have a queen size bed (I’m fighting for my husband to agree to buy a king!!) My 6 month old daughter, my husband, and I all sleep in the bed every night. To me I love it, I love having my baby right next to me through the night, especially with breastfeeding. It’s so convenient! And I’m lucky enough to have a husband that supports my decision to co-sleep without any frustration.

Well our four year old slept with us until the baby was born and he’s still having a hard time adjusting. He has his own bed and in our old house his room was right across from ours and he was okay with sleeping in it every now and then. Well in our new house we have a split floor plan and he’s on the other end of the house. He will not sleep in his bed no matter what we try. He usually passes out on the couch and then will wake up in the middle of the night or early morning and try to climb in bed with us. It ends the same every time, either my husband gets kicked out of the bed and sent to the couch and my son hops in bed with me and his sister or him and daddy go sleep on the couch together… either way it’s not ideal. We’ve tried having him watch a movie in his room, laying in his bed with him until he falls asleep, moving him from the couch to his bed when he falls asleep you name it; we’ve tried it!

I see so many parents that co-sleep with more than one child and their husband and sleep comfortably and I applaud them to no end, because I have no idea how they do it. (I want the king size bed just for the three of us to sleep more comfortably, not to fit another child.)

Although we’ve been working on this for half a year, I don’t see it as being worth the fight. We are the ones that allowed him to sleep in our bed in the first place I can’t get upset that he still wants to. I just pray that someday soon we are able to coax him into his own room…

Are there any other parents that have this issue? I hope we aren’t alone in this… Maybe we let him co-sleep for too long? Who knows?!?

Okay, Mommy rant done. Time to put all of the monsters to bed… Wish us luck!!!  

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