Moms Need A Break Too!

Going anywhere by myself is a very rare thing. Even if I’m lucky enough to get out of the house without the boys there’s a 99.9% chance the baby will be attached to my hip.

Today I went shopping By. Myself! *gasp* Chris was home and he kept all three kids with him so I could have some time to alone.

I walked around the store,  looked at stuff I didn’t need, tried on clothes I’d never buy. Looked through the baby department- of course!

It was incredible!! It was peaceful! No kids ripping at my clothes, or hair. Screaming or fighting with each other. I recommend it to every mom out there. I was only gone an hour  and that was plenty.

It’s okay to want to get away and be by yourself away from your kids. I use to feel like a terrible person for wanting to escape for a little while but I’ve come to realize that I NEED that time away to stay sane. Even if its just going to the grocery store alone. Us moms deserve a little time to unwind, away from home, away from our husbands and kids.

Being away for an hour was enough to help me feel refreshed and I made out with two new shirts! win!! I came home to happy kids and a happy husband.


My daughter crawled right over with a big smile,ready to eat…

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