Day 4: Family

100 days of gratitude day 4


Today’s gratitude goes to family. Chris and I are very close with our families and we do a lot of  activities with them. Sundays we watch football with his family, Saturdays my family throws Huskers football parties, that we try to attend as often as possible (they’re usually over an hour away from us! -we live in the middle of nowhere!!) We get together with family for camping, festivals, all birthdays and holidays. Like I said very family oriented.

Today the kids and I went to Vintage and Vino with my grandma. Its a vintage market with tons of rustic decor, soaps, candles, baby stuff and more- All handmade. They also have wine and craft beer,  I couldn’t enjoy any of the amazing wine, of course. (I don’t believe in the “pump and dump” and Paityn doesn’t drink a bottle) anyways.. We walked around browsing all of the amazing vendors for a couple of hours and then we went to Target for the kids-the craft show isn’t really their thing, ha! After the kids got what they wanted we headed to lunch and back home where we played board games and rolled around on the floor with the kids.

This evening my in-laws came over to visit with the grand kids- my Father-in law has been out of town for work for a really long time and was dying to see them. Well hes the fixer of… well, everything!! Seriously he can do it all. He even built our beautiful wood bed and really awesome…umm… back board? (I guess you could call it that) for our bedroom TV. Needless to say after he played with the kids for a little while I listed off everything I needed him to fix. The boys are lucky to have him be so handy because he teaches them how to do whatever it is that he’s doing.

Other then just today, we are blessed with an amazing support system. Chris and I both have very close relationships with our Moms. I also have a great bond with my grandma and papa. If we didn’t have our support system I don’t know where we would be whether it be our relationship, financial struggles, the kids or just needing my personal google (my mom haha!) anything and everything. They have been by our sides to guide us and help us better this beautiful life we have created.

My Mom is my biggest support system outside of my husband. I am truly blessed to have a Mom that listens to everything I ramble about. She is there to give advice, to listen to me vent about my frustration or insecurities. She is their to guide me to the right path, to  teach me not to question my heart, to believe in myself and my strengths. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t know how to be a mom.  She is my rock and my best friend. No matter how old I get I will always reach for her!

Today was an all around great family day. Now, I have the baby in bed…scratch that… I hear her. *sigh* and the boys and I are relaxing on the couch watching a show while I try to clear this writers block and get some new post done…

Wish me luck!


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