Family Trip To Vertuccio Farm




Every year we go to a fall festival for the kids to enjoy activities and pick out their pumpkins. This year we heard about a different place so we decided to check it out. We’re so glad we did!


The kids loved it, so did the grown ups! We went with my in laws and husbands sisters. Their were tons of animals for the kids to pet and feed, a corn maze, wagon ride pulled by beautiful horses, a zip line, cow train, and so much more. It was a little Farm compared to where we usually go which made it even better! We were able to do and see everything before closing. It was also spread out really well so there weren’t huge crowds.


We love going to small festivals with small crowds. I have anxiety and can’t stand being in crowded places. The day before we went to Trunk or treat in the center of our little town and people must have came from every corner of the state because we couldn’t walk without bumping shoulders with someone. It was a nightmare! We walked from one end to the other and left. The kids were disappointed and so was I but the lines were so long we would have waited an hour for each activity. We headed home and decided to grab candy and watch a movie at the house. The kids loved it and it made up for the failed plan.


I also ditched the stroller for this big outing and went with my Moby wrap. Baby wearing is still a new experience for me, but I love it! It’s convenient and I don’t have to push the stroller around full of everyone’s crap while carrying the baby. We all know how that is. At least that’s how it’s always been with my kids, they hate strollers if there is someone available to carry them. Having her in the Moby also made for a secure and comfortable nursing experience while out in public. Sure I still got the looks… but I knew that everything was covered and if she did decide to look around I would still be covered. And she did and I was.


Paityn enjoyed the Farm as much as the boys! She loves being outside and she loves animals she looked at all of her surroundings, gibber jabbered the whole time, and of course was full of smiles. The whole day exhausted her and the wagon ride was our last before heading to pick out pumpkins. If the ride was just 5 minutes longer  she would have been asleep. She did end up passing out while walking through the pumpkin patch though which made for an awesome and quiet ride home.



The Vertuccio Farm was a great experience for the whole family, it’s our new go to fall festival!!

The kids left more than happy! The boys got giant pumpkins and Paityn got a small one that we will paint.

I’ll share pictures of the pumpkins all carved and painted in a Halloween post!

God Bless!


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