Thanksgiving Without You

Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and I can’t wait. I love gathering with family during the holiday season and seeing family from out of town. Thanksgiving is also a bit of a sad holiday for my family.

For as long as I can remember it’s been a family tradition to go out to Arizona City, to my great grandparents’ house. We’d go out early in the morning and spend the whole day playing horse shoe, cooking amazing food, eating amazing food, watching football & just spending good quality time with family.

Over the years the gatherings got a little smaller, people got married, had kids, went to their in laws instead. Whatever their reasons may be our thanksgiving table was less full each year.

This holiday was always so special to me, because my great grandpa was the greatest. He used to call my Red and I hated it! (I never appreciated my red hair until I was older) this was our holiday together. The first one without him was the hardest. I debated even going because I knew just how much it would hurt. I had to remember that I wasn’t the only one that would feel like Thanksgiving just wasn’t the same. This was the first year for my Papa (the greatest man I know!!) to celebrate a holiday without his dad, the first thanksgiving my great grandma wouldn’t hear her husband’s laugh- he had a very contagious, a very unique laugh that could put a smile on even the most hateful hearts. I can hear that laugh every time I think of him but especially around this time of year.

I don’t think it ever gets easier. It breaks my heart that my youngest babies never had the chance to meet such a great man, but I’m so grateful that my oldest did.

This is to one more year without you grandpa. One more year of never hearing you call me Red. One more year of going to the home you created with the family that you blessed us with. One more year of you watching over us from behind the pearly gates. I could never express how much you are missed by all who knew you and your kindness. I hope you’re proud when you look down on the family and friendships you created.

Happy Thanksgiving!

God Bless,


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