Injured For The Holidays

Two days before thanksgiving my husband came home in pain hardly able to walk. We chalked it up to him wearing new shoes and them not being broken in quiet yet. We were way off! On thanksgiving morning he couldn’t even get out of bed he was hunched over holding onto anything with in reach like a 90 year old man. That night we were able to convince him that maybe it was time he went to the doctor to find out what was going on. The doctor came in and looked at his foot and immediately said he had cellulitis. They ordered a bunch of test and the first thing out of my husbands mouth was “well shit, I guess I’m actually here for something” he was hoping we would go in and the doctor would prescribe a new pair or shoes… man I wish that were the case. Turns out he had cellulitis, fluid on his ankle joint, AND a torn tendon in his foot. He worked like that for two days!! –for those of you that don’t know my husband is a mailman, he walks 7+ miles a day.

We were scared to find out what this meant for his career, especially with him being the sole income for our family. (Of course this happens right before Christmas, the busiest time of year for him not to mention the amazing paychecks) that doctor told him 3-6 moths of no work unless he could work a desk job. – not an option.

The following Monday we were able to get in with his primary care doctor who said he would be out until January 1st or until cleared by a specialist. That was a nightmare. We waited 3 days and heard nothing from them about the referral to a specialist and when we did it was the wrong type… *big eye roll* finally we have the right one and he took some x-rays checked it out and told us the only way to heal a torn tendon is with surgery *ugh* not the news we were hoping for. My husband was just about out of sick pay and I was panicking, wondering how on earth we would pay our bills. (I plan ahead so at this point Christmas shopping was already done, thank goodness!)

Luckily the specialist gave us a temporary alternative to surgery, cortisone injections in the foot and prescription steroids. He was cleared to return to work with severe restrictions, for two weeks then has to attend a follow up appointment to check the tendon and make sure that he’s not making the tear worse. We’re praying that surgery can hold off for awhile longer so that he can build up some sick pay.

Tomorrow is his first day back at work and although having him home the last couple weeks has driven me up the wall more times than I can count, I think I might miss having him here all day. We had fun spending time together. Time we don’t really get much of since he started with the post office. He made messes right after I cleaned, left clothes on the floor, didn’t put dishes in the sink, got yelled at a few times for various things, ie. Leaving his stupid crutches in the middle of the floor… but we laughed a lot. I drove him nuts with 100 Christmas movies, so I suppose we can call it even. Financially his time off sucked, but for our relationship I think it brought us even closer together.

Asking for prayers, we know surgery is inevitable but pray that he won’t need it for awhile.

God Bless!


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