A Momma Just Trying To Figure It All Out

  • 20 something -year old, coffee addicted, aspiring writer- hoping I’ve finally found my calling.
  • Mama to three amazing and sometimes… no… most of the time insane children. Two boys and one princess.
  • Wife to the mailman, yes the mailman. (he hates when I call him that…” Letter Carrier”) *eye roll* He’s the definition of my better half.
  • Blessed stay at home mom who tries to blog in her spare time… Its not easy finding spare time.
  • Addicted to binge watching Netflix while chasing my 4 year old around the house, making sure my 6 month old doesn’t get into anything as she’s becoming mobile, and bugging my 9 year old to come to the land of the living and get out of his room.
  • A major clean freak!! I need my house to be spotless all of the time or I go nuts. I know what you’re thinking “a clean house with kids this lady is funny!”
  • Debating on going back to school, and then the princess climbs up my face and I think, maybe not.
  • Lover of DIY projects. Some major pinterest fails, some successes, mostly fails though…
  • I’m a Mama working on raising strong minded, good hearted, Jesus following, world changing individuals.